A Pandemic Photo Art Series

Isolated, Distanced, Together

We are entering the “fourth wave” of this pandemic that has lasted over a year and taken so many things from all of us. We see the graphs with number of cases and deaths, and try to keep up with the changing science. It’s a lot. It’s a really big thing. It is easy to forget that each person represented on those graphs are real individual people.

This project aims to show the opposite of numbers. We are the ones affected. Hearing these stories, seeing these faces, can help show us that we are not alone.


Pandemic Photo Art Series

Making this kind of art, and telling these stories takes people like you, willing to share your experiences.

Photography is the perfect way to show this moment in time, exactly as it is. It can--and should-- illuminate where we are. Isolated, distanced, together. If you are in the Puget Sound region please read through these three art projects and then sign up. You can participate in more than one project!

Families in Isolation

A single group portrait of your COVID pod, in your space.

When the lockdowns began, we sheltered in place with whomever we were residing with. We had to make decisions about who was in, and who was out. We switched our holidays to Zoom meetings, and we still can’t allow anyone outside our bubble into our own space.

I want to see your family, either chosen, biological, or together by necessity. I want you to see, and other pods that are isolating to see that you are not the only ones. The world isn’t open yet. We’re almost there, but we are still isolated together.

I’m looking for real COVID pods that reside together and may include:

  • 2 - 10 individuals
  • essential workers, healthcare workers, work-from-home, unemployed
  • All ethnicities, ages, genders, identities, backgrounds, or body-types
  • Multi-generational families
  • Kids, pets, and chaos
  • Serenity and quiet

Participants will receive:

  • One enlarged print of their portrait
  • Digital copies and rights
  • A physical book containing all the portraits in the series, showing that you are a part of this, and though you are isolated, you are not alone.



An intimate portrait of you

You may have had to cancel your wedding. You may have had to say goodbye to a grandparent or an aunt through a screen. You may have been forced to teach 1st grade while trying to do your job without help available. You may be tired, afraid, and lost. Or you may be feeling strong, hopeful, or proud of where you are now. You may have had COVID, and you may not have. All experiences of this pandemic are valid and valuable.

Let’s talk about your story, and then capture an intimate portrait of you, as you really are, living in this pandemic. I want to meet you. I want to hear your story, and I want you to be seen.

I’m looking for participants who:

  • Have a story they want to tell about their experience living through the pandemic
  • Are any ethnicity, age, gender, identity, background, or body type

Participants will receive:

  • One enlarged print of their portrait
  • Digital copies of 3-5 their portraits taken in the session.
  • A post in a digital gallery with their portrait and their story.


Looking Out

Portraits of individuals in their windows, looking out.

We spend a lot of time in our homes now. There is fear of going outside, the realization that there is nowhere to go, and all the feelings that come with being trapped. Sometimes you are even exposed to the virus and must isolate for 10 days in one single room.

I want to photograph you looking out your window, and show what you’re feeling about being trapped inside for so long.

I’m looking for participants who:

  • Have feelings, good or bad, about being in their space
  • Are any ethnicity, age, gender, identity, background, and body type
  • Have a window that can be photographed safely from outside, on the ground or on a ladder.

Participants will receive:

  • One enlarged print of their portrait
  • Digital copies of 3-5 portraits taken in the series.